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Dinomation Statue Tyrannosaurus Rex 17 cm
Dinomation Statue Tyrannosaurus Rex 17 cm
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Dinomation Statue Tyrannosaurus Rex 17 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: Since their discovery Dinosaurs have been portrayed in many different ways. With every new discovery and artist imagination, the look of the dinosaurs changed. Extensive research and new evidence have locked down the anatomy of certain dinosaur species.

In this statue series, we capture the Dinosaurs in a retro style rather than an academic approach. Something that might appear in classic stop motion animation films. The series title, Dinomation, comes from combining the words Dinosaur and Stop Motion Animation.

RYO the sculptor, painter and creator of this series, captures a moment of dynamic movement with the Dinosaur frozen in time, cut from a film frame of an imaginary yet familiar fantasy film.

He captures the wildness and vitality of the creature through his traditional clay sculpt.

The world's most famous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex marks the start of the series. The base is inspired by the deserted landscape in North America, where they are said to have lived in the Cretaceous period.

The Polystone Statue stands approx. 17 cm tall and comes in printed box.
Producent: Gecco
Seria: Other
ISBN: 0680611939434
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