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Hentai Heaven Collection 04 Blu-Ray
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Hentai Heaven Collection 04 Blu-Ray

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Opis w języku angielskim: Hentai Heaven Collection 4 contains Invasion of the Ballbusters, Green Eyes, and Dishonor Student.

Invasion of the Ballbusters takes place in the near future when a viral plague sweeps the land and infects the women, transforming them into sex-crazed maniacs. As the horny horde of harlots prey upon unsuspecting, defenseless men, Kazumi and his sister-in-law Tsugumi, fight off the virusinfected vixens and seek a safe haven where they can't seem to resist their own erotic urges for each other! Will they survive the apocalypse and fight the impulse to explore their own pleasures? This OVA is based on an erotic game by Speed.

In Green Eyes Haruto and his demanding but beautiful, green-eyed sister, Makabe, enjoy a strange, strained relationship. Makabe treats her brother like a lowly servant, ordering him around to run trivial errands and perform menial tasks. When her dominance takes a turn for the kinky and erotic, Haruto has little choice but to become her personal plaything and satisfy her every forbidden fantasy. This OVA is based on the erotic manga by Yuzuki N'.

Dishonor Student explores the perverse higher educational journey of Yoko, a top honor student, who is confronted by the school principal with photographic evidence of her lewd sexual conduct with her fellow female classmates. Threatened with disgrace and expulsion by the principal, she begs for leniency and offers her personal services to satisfy her professors' every demand as payment for her sinful indiscretions. Shockingly, the faculty accepts Yoko's offer and so begins a wild carnal crash course of sexy exams unlike anything ever imagined in the hallowed halls of academia!

Blu-Ray Specs: 3 episodes on 1 disc; 1080p High Definition 1.78:1; Japanese PCM 2.0; English PCM 2.0; English Subtitles; 54 minutes.
Język: Angielski, Japoński
Napisy: angielskie
Region: region A
System video: Blu-ray Disc - NTSC
Seria: Hentai Series
Wydawca: Media blasters - Kitty Media
Ograniczenie wiekowe: 18+
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