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Hentai Heaven Collection 05 Blu-Ray
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Hentai Heaven Collection 05 Blu-Ray

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Opis w języku angielskim: Hentai Heaven Collection 5 contains Jewelry, Milf Park, Demoness of Dreams, Harem of the Hellspawn, and The Lusty Ladies of Mayohiga.

In Jewelry, a polished little gem based on an adult manga by Shoji Shibasaki. A married couple, Sou and Sachi, spend a quiet evening at home when the discussion turns to their thoughts about having a child after feeling the brunt of overbearing parental pressure. Soon, the conversation heats up and moves into the bedroom where it reaches an explosive climax!

In Milf Park a young man who stumbles upon a sexy but mysterious woman reading a book on a park bench. When curiosity gets the best of him, the man gets up the nerve to ask her what she's reading. Her reply results in the two of them spending the rest of the afternoon in her bedroom re­enacting some of the pornographic book's most explicit passages! From creator Kei Mizuryu .

In Demoness of Dreams a young man named Kaito is harassed and ravaged in his dreams nightly by an aggressive and horny succubus named Lilly. Feeling annoyed and violated by the naughty nymph, he plots his revenge with the help of an equally sexually demanding Teacher. Based on Kimura Neito¿s popular manga, "In­-Human Life".

In Harem of the Hellspawn, deep within the depths of a subterranean demon's den two sisters, Mikoto and Takeru and their best friend Sui are enslaved for breeding purposes. The girls are subjected to a multitude of erotic perversions including but by no means limited to birthing disgusting mutant monsters, enduring excruciating bodily mutation and forced incest. Based on the infamous manga by Mikemoto, this episode is a visual feast for fans of extreme hentai.

In The Lusty Ladies of Mayohiga Isami, a handsome male student, on his return journey to an elusive cafe deep in the Mayohiga mountains for a rendezvous with his favorite waitress, the voluptuous Natsuki. Upon his arrival, a fellow waitress, Akiha, sets her jealous sights on the student and two ladies fight over who will get to service him. They decide on a competition to double team him and see who can serve up the most winning sensual delicacies to keep the customer satisfied!

Blu-Ray Specs: 1080p High Definition 1.78:1; Japanese PCM 2.0; English Subtitles; 80 minutes.
Język: Angielski, Japoński
Napisy: angielskie
Region: region A
System video: Blu-ray Disc - NTSC
Seria: Hentai Series
Wydawca: Media blasters - Kitty Media
Ograniczenie wiekowe: 18+
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