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Hentai Heaven Collection 06 Blu-Ray
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Hentai Heaven Collection 06 Blu-Ray

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Opis w języku angielskim: Hentai Heaven Collection 6 contains Foxy Lady, Erotic Encounter of the Alien Kind, and Raunchy Role Play.

First up, FOXY LADY (KoiMaguwai) follows the sultry Ginko, a most alluring vixen, as she spends her days and nights working in the red light district of Yoshibara, providing pleasure for money. One day, a traveling merchant catches Ginko's eye. She realizes that this is the man who saved her life many years ago. Surprisingly, she still feels a powerful surge of emotion for him but Ginko is an Ayakashi, a fox spirit, and her unrequited love and affection for Yuujiro, a mere mortal human, is forbidden and can never be.

EROTIC ENCOUNTER OF THE ALIEN KIND (Mou Hasamazu ni wa Irarenai)- An alien crash lands and accidentally kills a young woman named Amano. While repairing and resurrecting her body, the alien accidentally makes Amano smarter, more athletic, prettier, and increases her bust size several cups! In return, the alien wants to monitor her as part of his mission on Earth to study human behavior. But Amano gets more than she bargained for when the alien sends her body into sensual overdrive to better observe human mating behavior!

RAUNCHY ROLE PLAY (Ikoku na Retoro)- A bored but beautiful debutante, has her eye on her devoted butler and concocts a clever way to be better and more intimately served by him. When she slips into a maid uniform to give him a sexy surprise, the butler finds himself In a strange predicament. Does he risk the wrath of his Master or does he refuse the Master's daughter's unorthodox demands? In this instance, it's not a 'spoiler' to reveal that the butler did it!

Blu-Ray Specs: 3 features on 1 disc; 1080p High Definition 1.78:1; Japanese PCM 2.0; English PCM 2.0; English Subtitles; 74 minutes.
Język: Angielski, Japoński
Napisy: angielskie
Region: region A
System video: Blu-ray Disc - NTSC
Seria: Hentai Series
Wydawca: Media blasters - Kitty Media
Ograniczenie wiekowe: 18+
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