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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Governor Para-Pawn Mirror 1.5 Ver. 7 cm
Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Governor Para-Pawn Mirror 1.5 Ver. 7 cm
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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Governor Para-Pawn Mirror 1.5 Ver. 7 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: Product Specifications:

- GOVERNOR PARA-PAWN LAT MIRROR, is back in Ver. 1.5 which now comes with a newly revamped head part and updated materials.
- Update 1: The head part now looks more realistic than the previous model. this model's head is based on Early Governor Vol. 3. Accessories for the head have also been newly sculpted, and now also include a rabbit mask. The hair parts are all pre-painted. A total of three different head designs can be assembled.
- Update 2: The upper body armor, which was previously made with PVC material, has been changed to PS material, making it easier to paint and modify. (The wrists are made of PVC, similar to the previous model.)
- Update 3: The weapon holding hand has been modified to make it easier to display weapons included in other Governor models.
- Update 4:
Due to the change of materials used, some part designs and molds have been updated or newly made.
The armor design of the collar part has been modified to be larger and more open compared to the previous model so as not to interfere with the range of motion of the neck.
The shape of the Lightweight Blade and Gun Knife has been modified to fit the newly sculpted Weapon Holding Hand. *There is no change to the weapons connected to the hand parts.

- The model is equipped with a connector on the back piece, which allows you to attach a HEXA G-R.A.M System and a variety of parts.

Included Items:

- Head A (Deception Repeater Type) x1
- Head B (Rabbit Mask Type) x1
- Head C (Regular Face Type) x1
- Rabbit Mask x1
- Lightweight Blade x1
- Gun Knife x2
Left and Right Wrist Parts (Lightweight Blade Holding, Gun Knife Holding, Open, New Weapon Holding, Closed)
- PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. x1
Producent: Kotobukiya
Seria: Hexa Gear
ISBN: 4934054022571
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