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Marvel Comics Egg Attack Action Action Figure Carnage 17 cm
Marvel Comics Egg Attack Action Action Figure Carnage 17 cm
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Marvel Comics Egg Attack Action Action Figure Carnage 17 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: Let there be carnage!

Within the Spider-verse, there has never been a more crazed, and maniacal villain than Carnage. Born from tragedy, the Carnage story began when the tormented psycho Cletus Kasady, sharing a cell with Venom's host, Eddie Brock, ended up mixing blood with Venom and thus a new symbiotic creature with no moral compass was brought to life! A deranged version of Venom he is considered one of the scariest villains in the Marvel Spiderman universe!

The EAA series of 6-inch, highly articulable action figures under the Beast Kingdom, 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is ready to take on the villain Carnage in all his wild glory. Bringing to life the intricate details of the character with the red and black accents, the figure also takes influence from the original comic designs with a lot of added accessories and effects. Weapons and symbiotic effects allows collectors to pose the figure in any way they choose! To complete the set, fans can choose between a fully maniacal Carnage head sculpt with replaceable eyes, ready for any of his changeable moods, or an equally crazed Cletus Kasady, in the midst of transformation.
Fans of the Spider-verse would be as crazy as Carnage to miss out on this classic Marvel villain. Stock up on your very own set today!

Included Accessories:

·One carnage head sculpt
·EAA design Cletus Kasady head sculpt
·Two (2) additional eye designs (shocked, squinted)
·Three (3) replicable pairs of hands (hands with short claws, hands with long claws)
·Three (3) types of replaceable weapons (blade, axe, double sided blade)
·Pair of symbiotic special effects
·Two (2) pairs of back symbiotic tentacles (long, short)
·Special, branded figure base with bracket
Producent: Beast Kingdom Toys
Seria: Marvel
ISBN: 4711061150523
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