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Marvel Egg Attack Action Figure Iron Man Classic Version 16 cm
Marvel Egg Attack Action Figure Iron Man Classic Version 16 cm
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Marvel Egg Attack Action Figure Iron Man Classic Version 16 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: Iron Man is one of the most recognizable superheroes since the dawn of the MCU. Marvel's iconic red and gold star has been a staple of the both the comics and now the movies for the past 60 years. In the original classic comics from the early 1960's, the character had a much less sleek look with a real focus on showing his power and strength.

The EAA (Egg Attack Action) series of stylized action figures by Beast Kingdom, are a range of 6-inch renditions of pop-culture characters. With the EAA Classic Iron Man figure, fans can enjoy a recreation of the original comic book design. The conforms of the muscles as well as the look of real iron plates hark back to the golden age of comic books from Stan Lee's tenure at Marvel comics in the 1960's. The hot red and gold coloring is recreated with metallic effects, as well as a light-up led function in the Arc-Reactor chest. Equipped with missile projectiles as well as a branded base, this retro inspired superhero figure is one for collectors of classic Marvel Comic designs!

EAA-105 Marvel Comics Iron Man Classic Version:

- EAA design, articulable figure
- Two (2) replaceable iron face plates
- Interchangeable flake eyes
- Built-in LED light in the chest
- Red and gold, metallic paint, with battle damage effects
- Two (2) pairs of replaceable hands (fist, grip)
- Two (2) body impact effects
- Two (2) missile and smoke projectile effects
- Special, branded figure base with bracket

Requires 3x LR41 batteries, included.
Producent: Beast Kingdom Toys
Seria: Marvel
ISBN: 4711061151131
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