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Preorder: ARH Studios Statue 1/10 Medusa Victorious 44 cm
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Preorder: ARH Studios Statue 1/10 Medusa Victorious 44 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: Silver Fox Collectibles is delighted to announce, in collaboration with ARH Studios, the launch of our new 1:10th scale series of collectible figures.

Based on ARH Studios' original designs and characters, our new line of collectibles will feature highly detailed and high-quality statues. New designs, twists, and takes on some of the most beloved and sought after pieces and characters produced by ARH Studios in the past are back in this new fantastic scale that will allow us to impress you even more with original new bases and details.

The 1:10th scale Medusa Victorious, The Anaconda Version is the first one to be released alongside our first Tarzan Call of the Jungle with Anubis God of the Dead statue coming next.

Medusa stands 17.5'' tall with the base and has been beautifully sculpted with all the original characteristics of the ARH original with a few added features.It comes with 2 switch out faces and the breast plates that are removable.

??This statue will be made of high quality polystone resin and each one will be Hand Painted and limited to 750 pieces worldwide.

Product Includes:

- 2 x Interchangeable Heads: 1 x Angry, 1 x Beautiful
- 2 x Removable Breast Plates
- 1 x Base
- 1 x Authenticity Card
Seria: Mythology, Legends, Gods
ISBN: 796603669286
Producent: ARH Studios
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