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Preorder: Comic ExE 03 Pinup PVC Statue 1/6 Red Riding Hood Cosplay Girl 16 cm
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Preorder: Comic ExE 03 Pinup PVC Statue 1/6 Red Riding Hood Cosplay Girl 16 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: Figure of a costumed girl illustrated by Hougu Souji!

Drawn by illustrator Hougu Souji, known for his delicate touch, we present this figure of a girl dressed up as a rather provocative Red Riding Hood!

The soft elegance of Hougu Souji's style has been sculpted by up-and-coming sculptor Shidare Yanagi and painted by talented finishing artist Noa, whose combined skill brings the figure to life.

Her bra and panties can of course be removed, and the hair portion underneath her hood as well as her back have been rendered in great detail.

The stuffed wolf, single condom, and string of condoms seen in the original illustration are included, in addition to a pair of red shoes not seen in the original illustration, allowing for a wide variety of display options that can cater to any taste.

Imitation leather sofa features cushion filled with styrofoam beads, so that the figure will sink down under her own weight, just like a real sofa. You won't want to miss the detailed finishing touches on this one.

This PVC Statue stands approx. 28 cm tall and comes in a window box packaging.
Producent: Rocket Boy
Seria: Comic ExE
ISBN: 4573343560167
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