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Preorder: Dune Replica 1/1 Long Blade Of Duncan Idaho 57 cm
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Preorder: Dune Replica 1/1 Long Blade Of Duncan Idaho 57 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: A legendary Swordmaster and virtuoso warrior, Duncan Idaho may be House Atreides' deadliest weapon. A man of loyalty and lethality, his guiding principle is to fight for the royal family as though they were his own, and to defend Paul Atreides with his life. United Cutlery's Duncan Idaho replica long blade is an exact reproduction of the actual filming prop used in the films. A 22 3/8" 3cr13 stainless steel blade is 4mm thick and finished in a semi-gloss black coating. The blade is engraved with the Caladanian letters TVWYZ, which is an acronym for "Triumph of Valor and Will as Your Zenith." The hawk sigil of House Atreides is stamped just above the handle. An injection-molded nylon handle is hand-wrapped with imitation black leather to mimic the actual screen-used prop. The stunning reproduction can be displayed on its wooden wall display, which is adorned by the hawk sigil of House Atreides. A certificate of authenticity is also included.

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Producent: United Cutlery
Seria: Dune

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