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Preorder: Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Ayatsuki 16 cm
Preorder: Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Ayatsuki 16 cm
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Preorder: Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Ayatsuki 16 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: Frame Arms Girl Ayatsuki was designed by ToMo, based on an illustration by Eiji Komato! She comes with three tampo-printed facial expressions, and her hair can be either a side tail or twin tails. a short hair part is also included. Her chain sword and dagger are newly molded, and she comes with two sets of large Tenkai swords and a Satsuga sword, along with clear blades with effect parts for each. Three new types of abdominal armor are included too. She's jointed for superior posability, with optional joints for her thighs and waist, and pull-out joints in her chest, shoulders and hips. Five sets of interchangeable hands are included, and she can use armor and weapons from Frame Arms and M.S.G. items thanks to the 3mm diameter ports in her arms and legs. Order her for your own collection today!

Model Specifications:
·This model's gear is inspired by kunoichi (female ninja).
·3 types of face parts are included that were pre-painted with tampography: Normal, Smirking and Flustered.
·The standard hairstyle has been changed to a side ponytail but can be made into twintails. This model can also have short hair as well for a total of four types of back head parts being included in this kit.
·Bangs without headgear are included.
·A newly-sculpted kusarigama (chain-sickle) and short knives are included.
·A rack specific for holding the short knives on the waist is included.
·2 sets of the long sword "Tenkai" and short sword "Satsuga" are included.
·Clear blade parts that include a special effect for both the long sword "Tenkai" and short sword "Satsuga" are included.
·3 types of newly-designed armor for the abdomen are included.
·The armor can be equipped using the same arrangement as MAGATSUKI.
·The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.

·The characteristic clear armor of Magatsuki is recreated with clear parts and has engravings carved underneath.
·The 3mm joints on the additional armor parts enable this model to be assembled and customized into various forms besides the default.
·A simple round base is included. The attachment parts can be moved up and down.
·Optional joint parts for the thighs are also included.
·Hip joint parts are also included.
·The pop-out chest and shoulder joints can be moved, allowing for a wider range of movement.
·Using the sliding joint on the hip and the pop-out joints on the thighs together will allow for a wider range of movement.
·The hand parts are attached with a ball joint, allowing the hands to be posed in a variety of expressions.
·The model kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts. The hands and their joints can be exchanged with other Frame Arms Girl model kits.
·The 3mm connection points on the arms and feet are compatible with gear from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.

Please note: For this item, demand is expected to be higher than the available quantity, which may result in allocations or cancellations of quantities ordered.
Producent: Kotobukiya
Seria: Frame Arms
ISBN: 4934054029853
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