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Preorder: Godzilla Minus One Diorama Masterline Series Godzilla 2023 Bonus Version 70 cm
Preorder: Godzilla Minus One Diorama Masterline Series Godzilla 2023 Bonus Version 70 cm
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Preorder: Godzilla Minus One Diorama Masterline Series Godzilla 2023 Bonus Version 70 cm

brak recenzji - napisz swoją!
Opis w języku angielskim: That monster...will never forgive us." - Koichi Shikishima

Prime 1 Studio is very proud to reveal the next entry in the Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series: the non-scale UDMGMO-01S GODZILLA Bonus Version from Godzilla Minus One, its latest critically acclaimed cinematic success.

An enraged and mutated Godzilla approaches the coast of Tokyo, having suffered from irradiation by nuclear tests of Operation Crossroads, the kaiju looks to seek vengeance and to unleash havoc upon humanity through its newfound powers, bringing Japan to "below zero" following the aftermath of the Second World War. At 27 inches tall, this ultimate Godzilla diorama is bound to make your jaw drop!

As usual, our skilled artisans bring you the utmost care and precision when it comes to sculpting and painting to perfection the mutated Godzillasaurus. This version of the kaiju features very rough, and rugged scaly skin, resembling keloid scars instead of the usual crocodilian skin, and you can rest assured that each bump has been sculpted and texturized to a crisp perfection. We've also added LED illumination along its dorsal fin - from the end of the tail, all the way up his back - and in its mouth, as it powers up for a heaven-sundering Atomic Breath upon the now-leveled streets of Ginza. As its enormous four-toed feet narrowly miss a passing train - more LED illumination has been incorporated into raging fires and smokes around this iconic Ginza Cityscape, you can truly feel the chaos and despair of every citizen present at the moment of Gojira's advent.

When you order the Bonus Version from our official store or any authorized distributor, you will get a cool title plate display, featuring the international movie logo!

Whether you are a fan of the Godzilla franchise or a kaiju collector, do not miss your chance to own this legendary diorama! Pre-order the UDMGMO-01S Godzilla Bonus Version (2023) now and immortalize the King of the Monsters in all its titanic glory.

Product Specifications:

- Statue Size approximately 27 inches tall [H:70cm W:76cm D:84cm]
- Godzilla statue on environmental rubble-themed base
- LED-illuminated Mouth and Dorsal Fin
- LED-illuminated Fires, Smokes and Building
- One (1) Title Plaque Display [BONUS PART]

Please note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply. Apart from your location, the actual package size and weight is needed to determine those costs. Both are unknown at this point and may not be available until the product arrives in our warehouse.
Producent: Prime 1 Studio
Seria: Godzilla
ISBN: 4580708049618

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