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Preorder: Mindgame Action Figure 1/6 Green Six by Park Zhi 30 cm
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Preorder: Mindgame Action Figure 1/6 Green Six by Park Zhi 30 cm

brak recenzji - napisz swoją!
Opis w języku angielskim: Sideshow and Damtoys present the Green Six Sixth Scale Figure. Damtoys, once again with Coal Dog Studio's designer Park zhi, brings you the long-awaited new product: Green Six of Team Gobi, from the Mindgame series!

The Story of Green Six:

It's probably safe ahead... a message from Green 6.

I don't want to stay in this Gobi another second, Black 8, uneasy about the familiar but strange teammate Green 6, removes his helmet and shouts, what's probably, you freak? Gotta be flyin' kite again!

Kite - Green 6's reconnaissance aircraft, Cher Ami the pigeon.

Green 6 joined Mindgame Team Gobi with excellent investigative skills. Ami, which helps him perform reconnaissance missions, protects the team during desert combat.

Green 6 adores Ami.

He is responsible for investigation tasks and usually does not act with the team. Ami keeps him accompany like a friend.

As a child, the introverted Green 6 was always bullied. So, he played in the pigeon loft all day. Once, the loft caught fire due to a mischief mishap. By the time Green 6 realized, the fire was out of control. He rushed into the fire for Ami, only to find its charred little body.

In Mindgame, Green 6 resurrected his Ami. Together, they help Mindgame Team Gobi explore the danger ahead in the desert.

Perhaps this is Mindgame's appeal for Green 6. He spends more time in the game than others. Green 6 always enters from backend when the server is updating, while Ami walks in the changing mosaic of the grasslands, watching this everchanging world together.

The distant quivers, the backs of Green 6 and Ami disappears into the flashing colors of the cathode-ray tube.
Producent: Damtoys
Seria: Other
ISBN: 6970569621425
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