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Preorder: Transformers Interactive Robot Megatron G1 Flagship 39 cm
Preorder: Transformers Interactive Robot Megatron G1 Flagship 39 cm
Cena:7231.41 zł
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Preorder: Transformers Interactive Robot Megatron G1 Flagship 39 cm

brak recenzji - napisz swoją!
Opis w języku angielskim: The world's first self-transforming Decepticon robot!

Experience the breathtaking size and unbridled power of Robosen's Megatron. After 3 years of intensive research and development, Robosen turns the dream into reality: Witness Megatron automatically transform from tank to robot and back again on his mission to defeat the Autobots and conquer the universe.

Authentic design & spectacular lighting:

112 ultra-bright LED lights illuminate Megatron with stunning blue and purple accents - the most realistic and authentic Decepticon leader on the market.

Integrated chain drive:

Inspired by the track drive and axle design of a real tank - Robosen's Megatron offers impressive climbing performance, off-road agility and turns on the spot in tank mode.

Metallic high-gloss finish:

The specially developed alloy in a deep silver-grey colour perfectly accentuates the ruthless character and menacing nature of the Decepticon leader.

An impressive armoury:

Megatron shows himself in every battle with an unrivalled arsenal of weapons - both for close combat and for destroying the enemy from a distance.

A collector's dream - signed by Frank Welker!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of TRANSFORMERS, 40 lucky buyers will enjoy a very special surprise when they open their new Megatron robot - a chest armour signed by Frank Welker, the original 1984 voice actor.
*From the total number of buyers who purchased during the following promotion period, 40 randomly selected buyers will receive an autographed unit:
From 25 April 2024, 17:00 CEST to 26 May 2024, 06:00 CEST. These 40 units will be distributed across different regions of the world, with limited quantities per region.


- Energon Sword & Mace
- Cannon missiles
- Instruction manual
- Target disc
- Collector's coin
- Charging cable and block

Product specifications:

Robot mode dimensions: 168 (L) x 354 (W) x 524 (H) mm
Dinosaur mode dimensions: 439 (L) x 230 (W) x 153 (H) mm
Product weight: 3.8 KG
Product material: ABS, PC, PA66+30%GF, aluminium alloy, etc.
Servo motors: 36
Chips: 118
Battery voltage: 11.1V
Battery capacity: 2700mAh
Communication mode: BLE 5.0
Battery life: About 90 minutes
Power adapter: 15V 2A, input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.8A, output: 5V-3A / 9V-3A / 12V-2.5A / 15V-2A / 20V-1.5A MAX:30W
Peripheral interface: Type-C
Charging time: approx. 90 min.
Control mode: Voice and app control
Producent: Robosen
Seria: Transformers
ISBN: 6971931750545

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