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Preorder: X-Men Egg Attack Action Figure Ronin Logan 17 cm
Preorder: X-Men Egg Attack Action Figure Ronin Logan 17 cm
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Preorder: X-Men Egg Attack Action Figure Ronin Logan 17 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: Marvel's classic superhero Wolverine from the seminal X-Men franchise still holds dear in the hearts of fans more than half a century after his debut!

One of the more celebrated iterations of the character is from the exciting 2013 hit movie 'The Wolverine', where the character travels to Tokyo to fulfil a long lost promise. An immortal hero, Wolverine fights for the future of mankind amidst Japanese Samurai confrontations and head-to-head combat unlike any other. A masterless Samurai , Logan transforms into the 'Ronan' by the conclusion of the movie!

The 6-inch EAA action figure under the EAA (Egg Attack Action) brand of Beast Kingdom launches the special EAA-094 X-Men Ronin Logan! With the included two face sculpts collectors are able to show off the mighty character in his different angry moods!
A full Samurai outfit made of real fabric as well as a Samurai sword and collection of replaceable hands and add-ons complete the set!
For fans of the clawed hero, this is one 2022 set not to be missed!

?EAA-094 X-Men Ronin Logan?
Included accessories:
·Dedicated EAA body with over 20 points of articulation
·Use of real fabric in the outfit and clothing
·Two (2) replaceable head sculpts (Regular, open mouth)
·Two (2) replaceable hairstyles (Regular, Samurai )
·Four (4) replaceable hands (Closed fist, open, gripping, clenched)
·Katana sword
·Special, branded base with logo
Producent: Beast Kingdom Toys
Seria: Marvel
ISBN: 4711203444985
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