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Preorder: Yu-Gi-Oh! PVC Statue Hiita the Fire Charmer 29 cm
Preorder: Yu-Gi-Oh! PVC Statue Hiita the Fire Charmer 29 cm
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Preorder: Yu-Gi-Oh! PVC Statue Hiita the Fire Charmer 29 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: The figure that duelists have been waiting for, Hiita the Fire Charmer, finally makes its debut!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, multiple companies have collaborated together to create the Yu-Gi-Oh! CARD GAME Monster Figure Collection, featuring various generations of monsters.

With a level of cuteness that truly charmed duelists at the time, the Charmer series has enjoyed immense popularity since its debut. Now, the small sorcerer with the ability to control fire monsters, Hiita the Fire Charmer, joins Kotobukiya's lineup!

At 1/7 scale, this figure strikes an impressive balance of being easy to display, while also being brought to life in a voluminous size that allows fine details that cannot be seen on the card to be recreated with precision. Pay close attention to the various highlights loaded into this piece, including the burning flames, determined expression, and casually but boldly worn outfit.

The pose is based on the illustration from the Spell Card "Awakening of the Possessed." By collecting the other three Charmers, "Awakening of the Possessed" can be recreated! This piece is simply a must-have for all duelists.

Whether it be in times when you're dueling, or times when you aren't, make sure to keep her close!
Producent: Kotobukiya
Seria: Yu-Gi-Oh
ISBN: 4934054048144

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