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Psycho Armor Govarian Blu-Ray
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Psycho Armor Govarian Blu-Ray

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Psycho Armor Govarian contains episodes 1-26 of the anime directed by Seiji Okuda in standard definition on a blu-ray disc. Earth's only hope against an alien invasion is a group of psychic teens and their giant suits of armor. Featuring characters and mecha by Go Nagi and several stirring songs by Neverland, Psycho Armor Govarian begins by dropping viewers in the middle of an all-out invasion by extra-dimensional aliens. Rebel alien scientist Zeku gathers teenagers with various psychic powers, like Isamu whose family is killed before is eyes. Once on board Zeku's ship... and on board with his mission to defend the human race from extinction... Isamu and his fellow teens use mental energy to create enormous suits of armor with which to battle the Garadain Empire. Through the course of the series, the teammates fight each other, fall in love, and battle wherever necessary to protect Earth, whether that's at home, in deep space, or even while trapped on the alien world itself.
Język: Angielski
Wydawca: Eastern Star
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