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Stranger Things Action Figure 1/6 Eleven 23 cm
Stranger Things Action Figure 1/6 Eleven 23 cm
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Stranger Things Action Figure 1/6 Eleven 23 cm

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Opis w języku angielskim: At a young age, Eleven was kidnapped and raised in the mysterious Hawkins National Laboratory, where she was experimented on for her psychokinetic abilities. During one such experiment, she made contact with a creature from another dimension, inadvertently opening an inter-dimensional gateway to the Upside Down. After escaping from the lab, Eleven was found by Mike, Lucas and Dustin, who discover she may be connected to the disappearance of their missing friend.

The Stranger Things - 1/6 Eleven collectible figure stands approximately 9.2 inches (~23cm) tall and features a fully-articulated original body with 28 points of articulation and fabric clothing. The highly-detailed figure includes two different head sculpts with an authentic likeness to the character's appearance in Season 1 of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Accessories include a watch, two waffles, and five pairs of interchangeable hands.

Materials: PVC, ABS, POM, Fabric


- Approximately 9.2? (23cm) tall
- Fully-articulated original body
- Approximately 28 points of articulation
- Realistic likeness to talent


- One medical gown
- One pink dress
- One blue jacket
- One pair of sneakers with tube socks


- One standard expression head sculpt
- One stern expression head sculpt with bloody-nose
- One wristwatch
- Two waffles
- Five pairs of interchangeable hands
Producent: ThreeZero
Seria: Stranger Things
ISBN: 4897056204256

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