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Transformers Animated Transform & Roll Movie DVD
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Transformers Animated Transform & Roll Movie DVD

brak recenzji - napisz swoją!
Opis w języku angielskim: The first three episodes of the new Transformers Animated series combined into a movie.

The historic struggle of good vs. evil is brought to life again in this all-new Transformers Animated Series!

In the 22nd Century, Detroit is the hot spot for all manner of techno-geeks, industrialists and all things robotic. It's where the future is, and where money is being made thanks to the City's thriving robotics industry. Of course that means Detroit is also the hot spot for all things criminal, evil, and that brings us to our story.

50 years earlier, a young ragtag group of Autobots led by Optimus Prime stumble upon the most important artifact in transformers history; the Allspark! The Decepticons are in hot pursuit of the Allspark and its secrets to controlling the universe. Now Optimus Prime and his new band of Autobots must fight for their lives and the future of Cybertron. The Autobots are able to escape the Decepticons and crash-land in Lake Erie on the unknown planet called Earth, where they remain in stasis for 50 years.

Our story begins when Optimus Prime and his young team are awakened from stasis, just in time to help the new "organic life forms (humans)" fight the evil villains in Detroit, but in order to save the humans and fight off the criminals they have to convert into their robot forms! In doing so, they save the day and become heroes, destined to fight all evil on the planet Earth and beyond! 68 minutes. DVD Specs: 1 DVD, Full screen format, English And Spanish Dolby digital 2.0.

Special Features:2 Animated Shorts
Język: Angielski, Hiszpański
Region: region 1
System video: DVD - NTSC
Gatunek: przygodowy, science fiction
Seria: Transformers
Wydawca: MISC 
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