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Transformers Cybertron vol 01 A new beginning DVD
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Transformers Cybertron vol 01 A new beginning DVD

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Opis w języku angielskim: In the aftermath of the Energon crisis, Optimus Prime and the Autobots face the greatest danger is all eternity, a menace which threatens not only the survival of the Transformers, but the very existence of Cybertron and the universe itself. While the Autobots embark on a quest to ensure the survival of the Cybertronian race, the Decepticons are on a similar mission, but one of evil, as they seek the power to rule the universe forever! The next installment of this legendary saga, Transformers Cybertron is a story of intrigue, action, comedy and surprises that will show off what it really means to be "Robots in disguise"!
  • Haven
    With the help of their human friends, the Autobots construct a new headquarters on Earth.
  • Hidden
    Coby, Lori, and Bud try to help the Autobots maintain their disguises during their stay on Earth, but soon find that concealing their new friends is harder than they think.
  • Landmine
    Optimus sends Hot Shot and Red Alert to the Speed Planet to search for the first Cyber Planet Key. While Bud finds the Autobots' first clue to the location of the Omega Lock.
  • Space
    On the Speed Planet, Hot Shot has no choice but to disobey Optimus when Decepticon thugs attack the innocent. Meanwhile back on Earth, Bud cajoles Scattorshot into taking him on a trip into space, but adventure turns to terror when a stray missile sends them hurtling to the Earth!
Język: Angielski, Szwedzki
Region: region 2
System video: DVD - PAL
Gatunek: przygodowy, science fiction
Seria: Transformers
Wydawca: MISC 
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